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Reading Month of July 2022

Message from Spirit for the Month of July from The Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck by John Holland followed by a personal channeled message from me and my Spirit Team.

What would Spirit like you to know and work on this month for your highest and greatest good? Whether you are reading this now for the month of July or reading it at any other time, the message is being brought into your awareness at the right time for you. Take what resonates or makes sense to you. If it doesn't seem to fit now, file it away and revisit it on another day.


Patience & Planning, Universe, and Shadow The card: Patience & Planning

“Good things come to those who wait. This card signifies the qualities of patience and letting of go control. You should now pause, rest, assess, and rethink what’s in front of you before continuing. Number 7 Physical Card reminds you to reevaluate the goals that you’re seeking, your finances, and even your relationships. Take the time to review each area one by one, for there’s no rush when you’re planning for a successful future. As you pause during this period, notice what has worked well for you in the past—not what you or others believe to be true, but in actual positive experiences. While you’re at this reflecting stage, you can stand back and plan how you’re going to handle potentially difficult, complex decisions and situations that may arise in the future.”

From my Spirit Team:

Now is the time to reflect on those things in your life that have been weighing you down, lowering your energy and vibration. Take the time to sit with the heaviest. Reflect. Assess and alter your perception and perspective. Sit quietly with the matter you wish to change or improve. See it in front of you and step back to look at it from different sides instead of looking at it from only the front. Walk around it and look at it from all sides, seeing it from multiple different perspectives. Concentrate on what you would like to see as the potential outcome and be willing to accept that there are different ways of allowing this to happen. Call on your guides, angels and ancestors to help you in your discernment and for clarity. Be willing to make the necessary adjustments to the situation, to your thinking, to your approach. Move forward with confidence knowing you have the ability to create what you desire.

The card: Universe

“You’ve come far on your journey, and it’s time to be rewarded for your efforts. This card symbolizes completion, triumph, peace, liberation, and fulfillment. Everything you’ve strived for is within you reach—meet it halfway and grab it! The Universe is the last of the Major Arcana Cards and reflects the work that you’ve accomplished on your travels—but more importantly, it represents the wisdom that you’ve gained along the way. You should now honor and acknowledge the truly wonder soul that you are and accept the vital part that you play in the bigger scheme of life.

The world is yours to command, and you’re free to travel in whatever direction your heart desires. You’re connected to everything in the cosmos. The Universe Card is a reminder that the same energy making up the starts in the sky, the same energy that’s coursing through the Universe, is in each and every individual. In ancient times, many believed that each star was a soul of one person. They also believe that these “souls” shined so brightly to guide others through the darkness—and so too can your wise soul.”

From my Spirit Team: If you find that you have been seeking something more, something profound, something different than what your upbringing has taught you. If you have been yearning for “more” understanding. Now is the time to take a deep breath and look within. See yourself… where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going or wanting to go. Go within and really take a deep look at you. And know you are, have been and always will be supported. The Universe is telling you to open your eyes and really see, see that in those times of fret, struggle, and despair you are always supported. You are so much stronger and so much more than you give yourself credit for. See this and move forward with this always in the forefront of you mind. Find and use a specific daily affirmation of self-love. See your accomplishments and know the lessons you’ve learned. Honor yourself.

The card: Shadow

“This card represents emotions, sensitivity, and a reminder that nothing in life is at a standstill—this is a world of constant flux, and one this is certain: Everything changes. This card is calling you to action; the time is now when you may have to face your worst fears and look into the dark shadows of your soul. You must learn to confront what you’ve avoided and walk courageously through it. Always know that life naturally revitalizes itself and as it does, so do you.

The Shadow Card promises that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Recognize that by no longer denying your past and letting tears fall, you’ll discover the diamonds in the treasure chest of your soul. This is a cleansing process to wash away and clear out what was once avoided, ignored, or pushed aside. This card indicates that this is a time when your psychic sensitivity may be quite intense. Lean to open up to it or if need be…turn it down. Your body is one big psychic antenna, so just remember that you’re in control of how high or low you want the reception to be. Mother earth can assist you in this period of change, sensitivity, and healing.”

From my Spirit Team:

We all have a past. We’ve all done things we are not proud of or have regret about. What Spirit would like for you to know is that each and every experience we’ve been through, whether it is good, bad and/or downright ugly, has given us an opportunity to grow, to learn from, and expand into the wholesome being we are meant to be. Take time to reflect on the past, by all means, but you needn’t unpack your bags and continue to live there, as the saying goes. Step into the memory, allow the thoughts and emotions, acknowledge them individually and release them as done, over. Accept them as is for what they were…growth, lessons, creating a better you however difficult that may seem regarding the memory; but only relevant to the good in who you are now and who you want to continue to grow into. We all have a past. If we learn to acknowledge it, accept it as is, and release it to the God, the Universe, to Source for the life lesson it was meant to be, we grow, we heal, we find movement. We can’t change what happened, what we did or did not do. What we can do is stop living there and move forward, acknowledging where we are now and where we are going…all in time and healing.

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