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Hello Beautiful Souls

My name is
Theresa Mazur Ryan.
I am an Intuitive, a Channel, a Medium,
an Energy Healer, a Hypnotherapist,
and an all-around Spiritually minded guide and mentor.

What does this mean, you might ask?
Well…it means I can communicate with your Ancestors and past loved ones.
I can communicate with Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Emissaries.

Still a little confused? This might help....
As an intuitive, I provide intuitive readings and spiritual wellness sessions to help guide you to shift your thinking, heal, grow, to gain insight to understand your life lessons; to direct you in revealing ways to use and value 
your very own innate ability to connect with
Spirit, Angels, With your Loved Ones and Ancestors,
with your Higher Power, God/Source/The Universe.

My Story...

     I grew up in a semi large family, 6 kids, wonderful hardworking parents, two sets of grandparents that were complete opposites in just about everything. I was raised Catholic but also educated to have an open mind and know that religion is a good foundation and stepping stone to understanding our true nature. I was also taught to know that there is more to our surroundings, our Universe and our God, so much more than what we are taught through organized religion.

Let’s home in on that for a second...

     My Maternal Grandma was called, back in her day, a witch, sacrilegious, evil, a psychic, and even (to this day) gifted. And without going off on a tangent…she was not evil, she was psychic, and it is not a “gift” but is you/yours, in you, of you, it is you.

Anyway, my dear Grandma Sally could tell you what you were thinking, she could tap into what possibilities were in your future or what you've done in the past, she could go into a trance-like state and talk with Spirits from “the other side”. And how annoying was that to deal with when I was a teenager/young adult? She always knew things; I couldn't get away with much at all...smh. It took a me a while to realize, or maybe accept is a better way of putting it, that what she did and what I am capable of doing are very similar but not exactly the same. Each person is given the ability to understand and develop any one, or all, of their clair-senses. For some it's a choice, for others it can come on suddenly due to a traumatic event, and for others, like me, it can be something that one uses naturally from birth, just another of the senses.

     Some people think this ability is unthinkable, unimaginable; some think it’s just craziness. Some think it’s evil, some think it’s amazing and a wonder. To me, it was and is natural. To me, it is just like one of my other (five) senses…something you use but don’t really “think” about using…I see, I hear, I smell, I taste, I touch but I’m not always cognizant of the actuality of it; much like channeling or "tapping into" Spirit is for me, it just happens naturally.

     At an early age, I was taught about energy and vibration, what the difference in vibrational levels are. How to feel into what is right, true and loving. How to know the difference between what feels negative and low vibrational, and what is of the Light. How to work with my intuition and not against it. Without going into a million little details on that, I was taught how to hold my space and about dominion, to call on God/Source and High Vibrational Beings such as archangels or my guardian angel to surround me in Light and Love. Darkness cannot exist within the Light. Period.

     You cannot be “deceived” unless you allow yourself to be deceived. Remember that. The allowing of, or the fear of, or the belief in the negative of...those are all within our control. We have the means to either embrace that fear, that negative belief, or we can choose to transmute it, deflect it, negate it, nullify it.

We hold Dominion over our existence. 

Some may still say that what I do goes against God and the Bible.

It is perfectly okay for them to say what they feel, to believe what they believe. That's their truth.

It doesn't necessarily mean it is The Truth.

We don't have to agree on every little thing. We are all different, and yet, we are all one.  
I know that what I am, and what I share, is “Of the Light”, is of God, Source, the Universe.


I’m here to share, teach, learn from, and inspire you in all things that are for
Spiritual and Holistic Wellness and Enlightenment.

Much love,


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